Section 6: Moving Forward

Professors should be ready to share their Portfolio with their Associate Dean between September 30 and December 1.

The professor and Associate Dean:

  • May agree to use the Standard Workload Formula/Workload Memorandum conversation to discuss the portfolio or an alternate time can be booked.
  • Professors are to let their Associate Dean know if they will be sharing their portfolio in advance of the meeting or at the meeting. This decision is the professors.

The Associate Dean is responsible for booking the meeting. If a meeting is not booked by the end of October, the professor should follow-up with the Associate Dean.

After the meeting, the Associate Dean will fill out and submit the Academic Portfolio Completion Form to the Centre for People and Organizational Development.

Associate Deans do not keep submitted portfolios.

If you are interested in additional information please contact Susanne Wodar at 905-845-9430 x 2219 or email


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