Section 3: SRCA

Sheridan is committed to cultivating and supporting a differentiated Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities (SRCA) culture, one which is inclusive, broad, and engages our students, staff, professors and the communities we serve. Academic disciplines view and do research differently. Other terms besides research, namely scholarship and creative activity, are much preferred in representing the work faculty do to advance the knowledge base and add to developments in their fields (i.e. knowledge creation). There are five domains of SRCA at Sheridan: discovery, application, integration, teaching & learning, and creativity.  The domains are not exclusive, for there is a great deal of overlap between them which fosters and supports the integration of creative engagement campus wide.

Sheridan defines Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities (SRCA) as an inquiry / investigation or activity conducted by Sheridan professors, staff and/or students that makes a progressive, productive, intellectual or creative contribution which advances the knowledge base and adds to developments in their communities and/or fields.

Reflecting on scholarship, research and creative activities as explained above, describe how you have been engaged in SRCA or describe how you might wish to be engaged with SRCA activities in the future.

Examples of SRCA activities at Sheridan may include but are not limited to:

  • Application of conceptual knowledge to current practice in academic/professional fields, such as reports to industry or consulting work
  • Experimentation with new instructional techniques and conducting research on its impact on student experience
  • Creative contributions to fields of study through exhibitions or related forms
  • Participation and/or presentations at provincial, national and international conferences, competitions or exhibitions in fields of study
  • Development of case studies
  • Publishing and/or reviewing professional publications
  • Participation in regulatory and accrediting association workshops, degree audits, or related work
  • Engagement with the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Engagement in basic and/or applied research, labour market research, and/or related industry needs assessments
  • Peer-adjudicated publications
  • Peer-adjudicated research grants


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