“[A]ctive learning is characterized by a marked departure from the traditional lecture format, where students passively receive information, towards an approach which induces specific student engagement and activity in learning” (Mello & Less, 2014).

Being actively engaged in learning promotes significant learning; and when intentionally designed, students are more likely to retain content and to experience increased levels of motivation (Prince, 2004; Freeman, S. et al., 2014).  This is strengthened when we design activities, learning experiences, and assignments that utilize a variety of strategies to engage a diversity of learners and to facilitate the development of key mindsets, skills, and competencies related to not only course assessments but course learning outcomes and the discipline overall.  

Meaningful and inclusive learner engagement embraces multiple ways of knowing, doing, and being – a holistic orientation to learning that honours and connects with the cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions of a learner’s experience.

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