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Welcome to Sheridan Pathways

From the early Faculty consultations to the final ARC presentation we can support you in the development and implementation of meaningful internal and external pathways and articulation agreements for existing and incoming students.

Pathway Opportunities & Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements make it possible for partnering institutions to recognize prior learning. This will assist those students with making informed decisions with planning for courses they need to complete when transferring into a program at another institution or within Sheridan. To support student mobility between credentials, Sheridan may decide to enter into a formal articulation agreement with an external institution or develop an internal pathway.

What is a Pathway?

Pathways are different routes that individuals take to progress through the education system. The pathways system assists qualified students to move between or within postsecondary institutions or programs recognizing previous, relevant learning. At Sheridan, pathways relate to credit transfer and credit recognition, involving prior learning, high school courses, preparatory programs, apprenticeship, certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and established articulation agreements.

What is an Articulation Agreement?

An Articulation Agreement is a formal agreement between one or more colleges and one or more educational institutions or boards of education that recognizes learning achievement, facilitates student progress, minimizes curriculum duplication, and eases the transition from one institution to the other. (Admissions Criteria Minister’s Binding Policy Directive, MTCU, 2003).

In order to gain further information on potential domestic and international agreements, please click on the links below:

  • ON Transfer – searchable database of transfer agreements between colleges and universities in Ontario, maintained by a member organization of Ontario’s publicly funded post-secondary institutions.
  • Sheridan Transfer Guide (PDF) – organized by program, a listing of pathways within and external to Sheridan, including opportunities with Canadian, U.S. and International institutions.

Some Benefits of Creating a Pathway or an Articulation Agreement includes:

  • An easier, transparent transition from one program to another for the student;
  • Non-duplication of instruction/courses;
  • Workload and tuition savings;
  • Accelerated/fast-tracked learning and or/graduation when transferring between credentials;
  • Strengthening institutional relationships/collaborations within existing internal programs and those external to Sheridan.

To learn more about the pathways process please contact the Manager, Academic Pathways and Partnerships at pathwaysoffice@sheridancollege.ca